About Us
At Hope, we have 5 core beliefs
   The Bible, Communion, Worship, Baptism, Salvation

The Bible is our God-inspired directive for learning how to be a disciple of Jesus and how to lovingly serve those around us. We believe the Bible is a narrative that shows the love God has for mankind and the ultimate eternal victory accessed through his son Jesus Christ.

Communion is a reminder of the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe that anyone that desires should take part of the sacraments, the bread and the cup, to celebrate His victory over the grave and the mercy extended through Jesus to mortal-sinful man. This also provides an opportunity to share in this celebration and serve our fellow church family. We recognize that without Jesus we would be eternally lost.  

Worship is a public opportunity for both men and women to express thankfulness in many ways. Our time together is made up of various forms of worship including the offering of prayers and songs of praise, performed in both traditional and modern offerings. It is a time that as a faith family we acknowledge how great our God is and how grateful we are to serve such a loving Father. 

Baptism is our faith response to a decision of making Jesus Christ our Savior and guide. We believe baptism by immersion is an important part in our coming into intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We believe that if a person seeks to be a Christ follower that they will seek to follow not only His example of being baptized (Matthew 4) but also follow the example of those believers found in the book of Acts.   

Salvation is a free gift of God made available to any person as a result of the death of Jesus on the cross, His resurrection from the grave, and His victory over Satan. We believe salvation is extended to any person who is willing to repent of their sins and accept Jesus as their Savior and guide. We believe that God’s love for mankind is unconditional and that any person can be saved regardless of their past sins or missteps. Heaven is available for all.

As Devin says, "We don't care where you are on your journey with Christ, we're just gonna' love ya' no matter what."
Hope Church is a safe haven for sinners not a country club for saints.  Bring your burdens and your sin into our doors where you will be welcomed and loved.  Worship with us and God will take care of the rest.